Sifu New Release Date Announced, Combat System Overview Trailer Released

Sifu new Release Date

Originally set to be released this February 22, 2022, Sloclap has announced the Sifu new release date, and it moved up to February 8, 2022!  In addition to that, there’s a new combat system overview trailer released by the developers to promote how the game plays.

First off, here’s the trailer announcement from Slocap that proudly announces the Sifu new release date!

And here’s the combat system overview trailer, showing how precise and detailed the developers were in integrating martial arts moves and skill into this game that sees the passage of time — and a warrior who started as a beginner slowly matures into a skilled and experienced Kung Fu master.

Originally set for a February 22 release date next year, Sifu’s release date has been bumped up two weeks earlier thanks to work progression on the game being steady and Sloclap being pleased with the results. The game is an action-adventure title played from the third-person, and is said to contain over a 150 different attacks and moves which can be chained together to perform combos — much like different martial arts games in the past such as the Shenmue and Yakuza series.

If you missed the previous trailer for Sifu that showcased the different editions the game will have, check it out here.

Sifu will be released for PS5, PS4, and PC on February 8, 2022.

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