Sifu Has “Hidden Secrets” That Might Take Multiple Runs for Players to “Fully Understand”

While developer Sloclap confirmed to MP1st that Sifu won’t have difficulty options available at launch, it seems there are secrets in the game that players will need to dig up along the way.

Speaking to MP1st, we asked Sloclap Executive Producer Pierre Tarno how long the game will be, and while he didn’t give a definite answer to that, Tarno did mention how there are many “hidden secrets” within the game that will need multiple runs in order for players to fully understand.

MP1st: Ballpark estimate for the campaign length?  Can we expect it to be as long as Absolver? No multiplayer this time around, what can players expect in terms of replay value?

Tarno: The campaign length will vary depending on the Kung Fu skills of the player. In terms of replay value, there are a couple of hidden secrets inside the game that might take a couple runs for players to fully understand.

Color me intrigued! Does Tarno mean players will need to finish Sifu multiple times to uncover some of these hidden secrets? Or maybe it’s something that will slowly inch its way into the game the more we play? Your guess is as good as mine at this point, though I admit, I’m now more curious than ever to know what this is.

Sifu will be launching on the PS4, PS5, and PC February 8, 2022. Stay tuned to our full chat with Sloclap where we dive into martial arts and gaming very soon.

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