Horizon Forbidden West Standard and Special Editions Have No Next-Gen Upgrade

Horizon Forbidden West next-gen upgrade

With its release still a few months away, Sony has begun to reveal more details Horizon Zero Dawn’s highly anticipated sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. However, with pre-orders now up for both PS4 and PS5, it would appear that there is some disappointment incoming for those who expected to get a next-gen upgrade easily. Horizon Forbidden West will have no next-gen upgrade for the Standard and Special Editions, with this feature only available on three of the most premium ones: Digital Deluxe, Collector’s, or Regalla Editions.

A follow up question on the official support site for Horizon Forbidden West pre-orders was also noted, which asks if the Standard can be upgraded in the future to the Digital Deluxe Edition to ensure dual entitlement. However, the answer also seems bleak, as Sony notes that there are no plans for for an update offer from standard to digital deluxe edition at this time.

Horizon Forbidden West next-gen upgrade

It looks like those interested in the game will have to fork over more if they want the dual versions of the game, or stick to one console generation at least. All of that said, it’s still possible to play the PS4 version of Horizon Forbidden West on the PS5, which is good news for those who want it.

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