Gran Turismo 7 Frame Rate Targeting 60fps With Ray Tracing & 4K HDR

Gran Turismo 7 frame rate

Sony has detailed that Gran Turismo 7 frame rate will be targeting 60 frames-per-second (fps) along with 4K HDR support and ray tracing.

Found on the official Gran Turismo 7 website, some fresh new details on it’s key features have been outlined. One of these reveals that the team is currently targeting 60FPS (with a *, meaning subject to change).

  • Stunning visuals: Marvel at rendering quality through ray tracing, with support for 4K, HDR, and a targeted 60 FPS frame rate.*
  • Fast loading: Go to race events quickly, gather in lobbies and receive friend invites extremely quickly with an ultra-high speed SSD. Select from a huge variety of cars with no load times.
  • Adaptive triggers: Feel the contrast in brake pedal weight at different sensitivity ranges, the vibrations from the ABS and variation in throttle pedal weight on different types of cars.
  • Haptic feedback: Experience the feeling of tire contact with the road, and subtle bumps on the road surface.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech: Sense the position of other cars and drivers around you through sound. Hear clear 3D Audio positioning and spatial expression of depth and height in replays.

Additionally, Kazunori Yamauchi , the head of Polyphony Digital has gone on record to say that the team team wants Gran Turismo 7 frame-rate to achieve 120FPS and even 240FPS. Of course with FPS that high, we aren’t expecting all the graphical features such as native 4K and ray tracing to be included, though they may end up surprising us given Sony’s first party studios history in doing just that.

No details as to when Gran Turismo 7 will be releasing, though given past Gran Turismo development and release schedules, we may be waiting a bit longer than we want. Hopefully that isn’t the case given the team has had assets prepared since development of Gran Turismo Sports (and before). If you want to keep tabs on the latest GT7 news, be sure to keep an eye on our official Gran Turismo 7 hub page.

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