Gran Turismo 7 Campaign to Requires an Online Connection

Gran Turismo 7 Campaign

While more and more games these days have an online component baked into them, it’s still a comfort for gamers that they can play most single-player campaigns without being connected to the internet. Unfortunately, the latest Gran Turismo isn’t one of those games, as the Gran Turismo 7 campaign will require an internet connection.

In the PlayStation Blog’s blow out for Gran Turimo 7 (via PushSquare), the GT Campaign mode has a * next to it, which means it requires an internet connection to function.

Here’s the tiny mention tucked away at the end of the article:

Outside of the GT Campaign, the Livery, GT Cafe, Scapes, GT Auto, and of course online multiplayer will require an internet connection as well. Given how the majority of the game’s modes require players to be online, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? Then again, no one wants to be locked out of playing a single-player affair if they don’t have an internet connection, or if the PlayStation Network goes down.

Gran Turismo 7 races out this March 4, 2022 on the PS4 and PS5. Make sure to check out our first gameplay footage of it here.

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