Dying Light 2 100% Completion Estimated to Take 500 Hours; 70-80 Hours for Story and Side Quests (Update)

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Dying Light fans hoping for the sequel to be jammed with content may be happy to learn that Techland has officially given a rough estimate to achieve 100% completion in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

How Long Will it Take to Achieve 100% Completion in Dying Light 2?

According to developer Techland, players can expect to sink in at least 500 hours of game time if they are trying to 100% Dying Light 2. This means finishing every quest, obtaining all endings, exploring every area, as well as getting every collectible.

For players who are just looking at finishing the main campaign, as well as all the side quests, Techland also commented on this matter suggesting that it will take somewhere between 70-80 hours. That is assuming you aren’t rushing through everything, meaning it is possible to finish all of that in less time. Lesser if you are just playing for the campaign only.

Talk about a content-filled game! Though we aren’t surprised given that the first game was filled with tons to do, as well as plenty of post launch support. Plus, we learned last week that Dying Light 2 would feature over 500 pieces of unique gear that players can collect. Either way, expect a lot!

In related Dying Light 2 news, be sure to check back later this month as Techland will be debuting the first-ever gameplay footage for last-0gen consoles. We will be sure to keep you posted once that has arrived so stay tuned!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be launching on February 4 PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch (cloud streaming), and PC.

Update: Techland has issued a clarification on the amount of hours it’s required to complete the game:

I assumed that was the case, but the devs felt the need to clarify it anyway.

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