Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Gameplay Reveal Features a More Grounded War

For those who played Battlefield 2’s Project Reality mod, you’ll soon have a new game to play, as the Battlefield 3 Reality Mod is slowly becoming a reality, and we have our first glimpse of gameplay for mod!

Check out this short three-minute clip to see a more grounded and realistic take on Battlefield 3!

The long wait is about to be over. We are extremely happy to finally reveal some gameplay footage to the public. We hope that this will give you a first good impression on what to expect for the mod.

All in all, we’ve been struggling with getting the mod to a releasable state. Memory leaks, VoIP, Covid and real life in general have been hard on all of us. But we never gave up, and we are extremely happy to announce that the Open Alpha will start very soon™.

Those interested, you can keep tabs on the mod’s development via the Discord server.

If you’re interested to test it out once it’s available in Open Alpha, you’ll need a legitimate copy of Battlefield 3 and all the game’s DLCs on PC (Steam and Origin versions work).

— BF3: Reality Mod —

BF3: Reality Mod is a BF3 modification that focuses on communication and teamwork. It draws inspiration from the successful BF2 “Project Reality” mod. It offers a complete gameplay and UI overhaul that creates a more tactical and meaningful experience.

BF3 Reality Mod is built using the Venice Unleashed framework, and both that and the mod are not affiliated with DICE or EA, so don’t expect any official support if something breaks.

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