Battlefield 2042 Product Placement Playercards Have Began Surfacing

Battlefield 2042 Product Placement

While product placement is not new to the world of video games, it seems this has seeped its way into DICE’s latest shooter, Battlefield 2042. Players have spotted Battlefield 2042 product placement playercards that are active in the game.

One Reddit user has pointed out that in one match, they saw a playercard where the Logitech G502 mouse was being advertised:

Apparently, this Logitech cosmetic bundle also comes with two weapon skins, an EABB Wildcard skin, and the playercard shown above,

What makes this even more funny is that the produt was being advertised to PS5 console gamers who don’t need the mouse at all. If anyone thinks this is a move by EA to earn from Battlefield 2042, it’s not entirely that, as this practice has been present in past Battlefield games too! DANNYonPC has provided a pic where it shows product placement in past games:

Will we see more real-life product placement in Battlefield 2042? I wouldn’t bet against it. As long as it’s not affecting gameplay, I honestly am OK with it.

What I am not OK with though? The report from datamined info that players won’t see Season 1 of B42042 start until March 2022, which is a tad too long without any new major new content for a game focused on “live services.”

Are you OK with product placement in games or not at all? Share your thoughts about it, below.

Thanks, ruedyger & DANNYonPC!

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