Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences This Week Jan. 13 Sees Rush Return & More

Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences This Week

Battlefield 2042 players annoyed that DICE pulled Rush from the main core mode will be glad to know that it’s returning today alongside new game mode types in Battlefield Portal! The Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences this week Jan. 13 edition has been revealed, and it should be a welcome change to players.

Battlefield 2042 Featured Experiences This Week Jan. 13 to Jan. 20:

Here’s the announcement from the official Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account:

  • Run. Stop. Kill. Repeat (via TwoAngryGamers) – Jan. 13 to Jan. 20
  • Battlefield 2042 Rush
  • Conquest of Ages
  • Rush of Ages

As you can see, the new mode is obviously insipired by Squid Game Red Light, Green Light mode, which was ran by fans before.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more news regarding the game’s future and planned content later this week. Are you happy with the announced experiences roll out? What game mode do you want spotlighted by the developers?

Image source: Kevin Johnson (Twitter)

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