Battlefield 2042 Cheat Provider Pulling Support Due to Game Peformance Issues, Dwindling Player Count

Battlefield 2042 Cheat Provider

Tired of cheats in shooters? It looks like that won’t be a problem in Battlefield 2042, as a cheat provider has mentioned that they are pulling support for the game! The Battlefield 2042 cheat provider is blaming the game’s performance issues, and its dwindling player count as the reasons for the support stoppage.

This latest development regarding BF2042 cheats comes from a Discord post which was sent to Tom Henderson, where it mentions that all existing lifetime subscriptions for BF2042’s cheats can change it to any Call of Duty title, and announces that the game’s on-going performance issues are affecting the cheats.

This is one of those times that a game’s performance problems can actually help it out, but I doubt DICE will see it that way. That said, the fact that even a cheat provider calls the game “dying” is kind of sad.

We here at MP1st will never condone cheating, and as such, you’ll never see us endorse or name a cheat provider. Don’t cheat, people! Don’t ruin the game for everyone to stroke your ego.

Hopefully, DICE can fix the game soon and players can enjoy it without the threat of going up against cheaters.

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