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About OpenCritic

Who am I supporting?

Hey there! We are Matthew Enthoven, Charles Green, Aaron Rutledge, and Richard Triggs, and we're the four founders of OpenCritic.

But we're more than just "founders of OpenCritic." We're also gamers. From the throne of the Lich King; to Summoner's Rift; to Mirage (sorry Dust2); to the Vault of Glass; to the Boston wasteland; to Skyrim; and to the fields of Aiur; we love games across the entire spectrum. Games are more than just a hobby for us; they're part of our very identity. The future of the industry matters to each of us on a personal level.

We're also builders. We've built a lot together, from WoW addons, to guild websites, to automating guild recruitment, to Diablo 3 bots (just for fun, we promise), to League of Legends features, to WoW armory data mining. Each of us still has a full-time job with other companies building things. We think that evolving the gaming industry is going to take more than just talk and criticism - it'll take builders.

OpenCritic started with us - four friends that want to drive both real and positive change in the video game industry. Call it naive optimism, but we do truly believe that we can make things better for developers, critics, and most importantly, gamers. While we are (currently) a review website, our long-term vision for OpenCritic is to be the place where gamers come to celebrate games.

Your Patreon donations matter to OpenCritic, but we also wanted to stress that they matter to us as people too. Thanks!

Where does the money go?

The money goes to supporting OpenCritic.

Look, OpenCritic is not profitable. It's not even close. Servers alone run us into a loss, and when you toss in engineering time, visual design outsourcing, and more, this becomes a very expensive project. We need you support as we move forward and try to take OpenCritic from its humble beginnings to an industry force.

We're using the money currently to pay for our servers and operational costs.

What's OpenCritic planning?

We don't really know, and we like it that way.

OpenCritic doesn't really have a plan. That's not how we approach development. There is no 1-year plan. There's barely even a 3-month plan.

Our development culture and philosophy is based around iteration, running small experiments and then building where we see success. For example, gathering and displaying critic names were a small, 2-3 hour effort. We launched them and saw a lot of gamers and critics enjoy it, so we built on it and made critic pages. Another example is the score graphs: we saw that people really liked the score graph and that they had an increased chance of coming back if they clicked on the score orb, so we moved the graph to be more focused. We're making user accounts so that you can save your trusted outlets after seeing a lot of users gravitate towards this feature.

So, we're honest when we say "we don't really have a plan." We'll try a whole bunch of small things and keep building whenever gamers, critics, and users say "MOAR! Better! FASTER! DO EET."

We have a lot of ideas for how to make the gaming industry better (seriously, a LOT of ideas), but it starts with just these three: 
  1. Be as transparent as possible. No hidden weightings. No black-box processes. Actively participate in the gaming community. Straight answers.
  2. Focus on people. Gamers and the gaming industry consist of some of the most creative and passionate people in the world. We want OpenCritic to have a clear human and personal focus.
  3. Gamers first. Games are more than just a hobby, art form, or competitive realm. They're a medium for connection, introspection, and mastery. They're something worth celebrating, together.

What do I get for donating? What are the rewards?

We're... still working on rewards. Like I said above, we like doing small experiments. Patreon is an experiment for us, so we have no idea how things are going to go.

If we see a lot of Patreon subscribers, we'll work to make new rewards and give back to you guys. If we don't see a lot of subscribers and this is a total flop, we'll probably stick with the basic rewards that we have now.

Any donation is met with our sincerest thanks. We'll also occasionally post previews to things we're working on for Patreon donors to see and give feedback on.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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